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Born: 12 April 1983
Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal

Stevan is an enthusiastic sportsman and family man turned entrepreneur. He started with his roots growing up in the small town of Kranskop, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in a happy family environment with his father Wessel, mother Elsabe, and brother Johan. He partook in the local JKA karate club where he achieved a Junior Black Belt in the SA championship at age 13. He had a healthy school upbringing playing first team rugby and being the captain of the junior and senior musketry team as well.
He did exceptionally well coming 3rd in the Cadet hare scrambles in early 1997. After he matriculated he decided to venture into car racing in the form of the national rally Championship in 2001. In his early 20’s he attended John Hogland’s rally school in Norway which then caught the attention of VW motorsport which made him part of the VWSA factory assisted Rally team until the recession of 2008 that forced him out of the sport.

True to his adventurous and entrepreneurial inclination, he then started his own business called Face First Media, which specialises in outdoor advertising. Face First Media is now a specialised outdoor advertising company with over 15 years combined expertise in the industry.
Their extensive inventory comprises of over 180 premium advertising sites strategically located in sought-after locations across KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng and Cape Town.
Renowned for their expert insights, tactical abilities, personalised service and well established media relationships, they provide the perfect balance of targeted sites and extensive exposure to meet most of their client OOH marketing needs.
With his warm-hearted personality, energetic drive and intrepid nature he is well set to grow Face First Media into one of the top-ten Out of Home Media companies in South Africa. Stevan, now age 37 is looking for a new challenge and has set his eyes on the Dakar rally.



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